Man Spots Six-Foot Python Slithering Down From Ceiling While on Toilet

An enormous snake slithered out from the ceiling light of a toilet in Queensland, Australia, making the man’s blood run cold.

After the snake landed on top of the man’s shower screen, he immediately called in snake catchers from Hudson Snake Catching.

Tim Hudson of Hudson Snake Catching said a carpet python scared a client today when they went to the bathroom.

Anthony Jackson, Hudson’s right hand man, caught the six-foot snake in Oxenford, a suburb of Gold Coast, on June 12.

The python draped its body over Hudson’s shower screen, knocking over toiletries with its coils. A photo was shared to Hudson’s Facebook page showing the incident.

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Australia is home to carpet pythons except for Tasmania, according to the Queensland Department of Environment and Science. Along the country’s East Coast, the Coastal Carpet Python is the most common subspecies in Gold Coast.

The carpet python is a large snake species that can reach lengths of up to 13 feet, although most do not exceed eight feet in length

Its name comes from the carpet-like pattern across its scales, which allows the snake to camouflage itself. In the resident’s bathroom, however, it was definitely not concealed by white walls.

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Humans cannot be harmed by carpet pythons, as they are non-venomous and essentially harmless. The snakes, however, can bite fairly viciously if harassed or provoked in any way, so if you find one on your property, you should always call a licensed snake catcher.

To kill their prey, carpet pythons constrict rather than use venom. Rodents, birds, and possums are ambushed by predators with heat-sensitive organs on their lower jaws.

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