Mother Buffalo Fights To Protect Her Newborn Calf Before Being Taken Down By A Pride Of Lions

In order to protect her newborn baby, a mother gives her life.

Lions are known as the “King of the Jungle” for a reason. While roaming sub-Saharan Africa, these apex predators have no natural predators of their own.

Herbivores such as buffalo, zebras, elephants, and giraffes are also managed by them.

It is exactly that behavior that we see here in the pride of lions.

As a pride of lions circles around her newborn calf, a mother buffalo attempts to protect it.

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The caption states that the lions are part of the Rongai pride, which is located in Kenya in east Africa. When the lion pride started moving in on her and her newborn, the buffalo mother had just given birth and was running away from her herd.

Her calf is well protected by the mother, who puts up an outstanding fight against the smaller lions. However, when a male lion jumps in and jumps on top of her, it’s game over.

Upon falling down, the buffalo becomes dinner for the pride of hungry lions.

A buffalo mother goes to great lengths to protect her calf, which is a brutal depiction of the circle of life.

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