Rare Footage Shows a Deer Eating a Snake

Rare Footage Shows a Deer Eating a Snake: Have you ever seen an herbivore consume another creature? These rare incidents do occur in the wild, as evidenced by a viral video on the internet.

A video clip shared by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda shows a deer eating a small snake.

Rare Footage Shows a Deer Eating a Snake
Rare Footage Shows a Deer Eating a Snake

A deer can be seen chewing on something by the roadside in the video. The person inside the vehicle zoomed in and saw that the deer was chewing on a small snake. The person recording the video can be heard in the background asking, “Is he eating a snake? ”

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“Cameras are helping us understand Nature better,” the IFS officer captioned the video. Snakes are sometimes eaten by herbivorous animals.”

A video explaining the herbivorous animal’s unusual behavior was also shared by Science Girl.

Because of their rumen, which helps them digest tough plant matter like cellulose, deer are herbivores and classified as ruminants. Nonetheless, if food is scarce or minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are lacking, they may resort to eating meat.

Do Deer Eat Snakes?

Deer are herbivorous animals, which eat primarily plant materials as their main diet. Their bodies may lack certain minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, and salt, so they may consume meat. According to National Geographic, this unusual behavior occurs during the winter season or when plant life is scarce in the environment.

The video clip has received over 1 lakh views and more than 1,500 likes since it was shared. As a result, Twitter users expressed their views in the comment section. It was the first time many users had witnessed such an incident and they were terrified after watching the clip.

Take a look at what Twitter users have to say

  • “Non veg breakfast.. never seen,” the third user commented.
  • “He thought it’s veg atta noodle,” joked a user.
  • “A new learning,” said another.
  • “Never knew this happens!,” a Twitter user said.
  • “Wow something new to know,” second user commented.

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