Top 10 Costliest Dog Breeds in the World

Top 10 Costliest Dog Breeds in the World: Dogs are known for their loyalty, companionship, and unconditional love. While there are many dog breeds available, some breeds are more expensive than others due to various factors such as rarity, demand, and breeding standards. In this article, we will explore the top 10 costliest dog breeds in the world, their unique features, and the reasons behind their high price tags.

Top 10 Costliest Dog Breeds in the World
Top 10 Costliest Dog Breeds in the World


Dogs have been our companions for centuries, and people are willing to invest significant amounts of money to bring home a furry friend. The cost of a dog can vary greatly depending on the breed, pedigree, and quality. In this article, we will discover the top 10 dog breeds that come with a hefty price tag and explore the reasons behind their high cost.


The Samoyed is a beautiful and fluffy dog breed originating from Siberia. Known for its friendly nature and stunning white coat, Samoyeds are highly sought after. Their luxurious double coat requires regular grooming, and their friendly temperament makes them excellent family pets. Due to their popularity and high demand, Samoyeds can be quite expensive.

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is an iconic breed known for its distinct appearance and gentle demeanor. Despite their wrinkled face and stocky build, they have a friendly and docile nature. However, breeding English Bulldogs can be challenging due to health issues associated with their unique physique, which contributes to their high cost.

Chow Chow

Chow Chows are known for their lion-like appearance with a thick, fluffy coat and a distinctive blue-black tongue. They have a strong-willed personality and are fiercely loyal to their families. Chow Chows require consistent training and socialization, and their rarity and striking appearance contribute to their high price.


Rottweilers are a powerful and robust breed originating from Germany. They are renowned for their loyalty, intelligence, and protective instincts. Rottweilers require early socialization and consistent training to become well-rounded companions. Due to their excellent working abilities and the demand for well-bred Rottweilers, they are among the costliest breeds.

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed with a history dating back thousands of years. They are large, strong, and incredibly protective. Tibetan Mastiffs are known for their imposing presence and the ability to guard and protect their families. The combination of their majestic appearance, rarity, and guarding abilities contributes to their high price.

Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound is an elegant and athletic breed originating from Malta. They are known for their graceful movements, distinctive appearance, and affectionate nature. Pharaoh Hounds have a short coat that is easy to maintain, and they excel in various dog sports and activities. Their rarity and unique qualities make them one of the costliest dog breeds.


The Azawakh is a sighthound breed originating from West Africa. They are known for their slim build, elegant appearance, and incredible speed. Azawakhs have a short coat that requires minimal grooming, but they need regular exercise and mental stimulation. Due to their rarity and demand from dog enthusiasts, they can be quite expensive to acquire.


The Lowchen, also known as the “Little Lion Dog,” is a small and cheerful breed. They have a distinctive lion-like trim and a friendly, outgoing nature. Lowchens are known for their playful demeanor and adaptability to various living situations. The rarity of this breed and the intricate grooming required contribute to their high cost.

Canadian Eskimo Dog

The Canadian Eskimo Dog is a sturdy and powerful breed native to the Arctic regions of Canada. They have a thick double coat that protects them in harsh weather conditions. Canadian Eskimo Dogs are known for their endurance, loyalty, and ability to pull heavy loads. Their rarity and unique heritage make them one of the costliest dog breeds.

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Owning a dog is a rewarding experience, but certain breeds come with a higher price tag. The top 10 costliest dog breeds in the world offer unique qualities, stunning appearances, and often require specific care and attention. While the initial cost may be high, the joy, companionship, and love they bring to our lives are invaluable.

FAQs for Top 10 Costliest Dog Breeds in the World

1. Are these dog breeds suitable for families?

Yes, many of these breeds, such as Samoyeds, English Bulldogs, and Chow Chows, can make great family pets with proper socialization and training.

2. Do costlier dog breeds have more health issues?

Some costlier breeds, like English Bulldogs, may have specific health concerns due to their unique physical features. It’s essential to research and choose a reputable breeder to ensure responsible breeding practices.

3. Can I find these breeds in shelters or rescue organizations?

Occasionally, it’s possible to find these breeds in shelters or breed-specific rescue organizations. However, they are usually rare, so it may require patience and persistence.

4. Do costlier breeds require more maintenance?

Some costlier breeds, like Samoyeds and Chow Chows, have longer or more demanding coats that require regular grooming. Additionally, specific breeds may have particular exercise or training needs.

5. Are these breeds suitable for first-time dog owners?

While these breeds can be suitable for first-time owners with dedication and commitment, they may require more experience and knowledge due to their specific needs and temperaments. Proper research and preparation are crucial before bringing home any dog.

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