Are You Redneck Enough To Use A Snapping Turtle To Shotgun A Beer? Watch This Video!

On a hot day, redneck ideas usually come to mind after a few cold ones. It’s not always enough to just enjoy life, sometimes you have to spice it up, you know… take it to the next level.

I usually enjoy watching snapping turtles, but I’m eager to keep a safe distance when they’re mentioned at an event. There’s a reason the name isn’t a joke: They have a mouth that can really snag you.

This video shows some fellas having a good time down by the river, somewhere in South Africa if the hashtags are correct.

They came across a snapping turtle by chance…

It’s clear, though, that this isn’t their first rodeo. There is caution on the part of the guys. A turtle grab should be done from behind the turtle’s head with proper technique. Snapper is approached very slowly by the shotgunner with the cold can.

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The perfect shotgun hole would be perfectly placed by the turtle in a movie scene.

Bang on. Afterwards, the shotgun is fired properly in front of the cheering crowd.

The combination of alcohol and snapping turtles isn’t recommended to be tried at home.

The easiest way to lose a finger…

I can’t imagine the turtle enjoys whatever kind of low-carb, piss water light beer he’s drinking… really, does anyone know what he’s drinking?

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