Video Showing How Strangers Talk to Dogs vs. Their Owner Is Oh-So Relatable

Video Showing How Strangers Talk to Dogs– Despite having a dog of our own who makes us smile, we can’t help but freak out when we see other dogs in public. No one can blame us for wanting to say hello to every dog we see. LOL! 

Greeting dogs we pass by isn’t just something we do. The TikTok user @corporatenatalie posted an oh-so-relatable clip of strangers talking to dogs they see compared to dog owners, and we can’t stop laughing. Take a look! 

@corporatenatalie It’s the wave goodbye for me👋 #dogowner #comedy #doghumor #millennial ♬ original sound – CorporateNatalie

O.M.G. We’ve never seen a more accurate video before and honestly, we’ve never felt more seen. LMAO! We’re slightly embarrassed now, but hey, at least we aren’t the only ones who do this. It’s an unspoken and acceptable rule – you don’t need to interact with the dog owner!

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@cleebaby commented, “That moment when you realize there is a human attached to the leash.”. HA! The slight panic when you realize you should’ve at least said hello to the owner first. Oops! According to @blondebrokeandbougie, “I know the name of every dog in my neighborhood, but not one human.” How appropriate! LOL! 

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