Watch an Absolutely Massive Grizzly Bear Use a Shed as an Scratching Post

Watch an Absolutely Massive Grizzly Bear– It’s a big bear, this one. An image shared by Jamie Goguen this week shows a truly gigantic grizzly bear. Montana was the location where the impressively fat bear was spotted, which rivaled many Alaskan brown bears in size.

In an Instagram post, Goguen wrote, “Our old generator storage structure on Montana’s eastern front is now Brutus’s scratch tree.” “Then he took a nap.”

I really enjoyed looking at the photos. Its nonchalance rivals Baloo’s in The Jungle Book as it rubs its back against the small storage shack.Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP) wildlife management specialist Justine Vallieres estimates that the “huge” bear weighed 700-800 pounds. In Montana, the average male grizzly weighs only 400 to 500 pounds, according to the Forest Service.

In the Continental United States, Montana is home to the largest grizzly bear population. The average grizzly bear lives up to 30 years and stands between 3.5 and 4.5 feet tall when on all fours. Trees are used by bears to communicate, remove their hair, and itch themselves, as well as to repel ticks naturally by rubbing against them.

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