8 Extinct Parrot Species

Carolina Parakeet

Learn about the vibrant plumage and social behavior of the now-extinct Carolina Parakeet. Discover the factors that led to its extinction and the impact it had on the ecosystem

Paradise Parrot

Dive into the world of the Paradise Parrot, renowned for its stunning green plumage. Uncover the mysteries surrounding its disappearance and the efforts made to conserve its memory.

Guadeloupe Parakeet

Explore the tropical forests of Guadeloupe and learn about the unique Guadeloupe Parakeet. Discover why habitat loss and introduced predators led to its unfortunate extinction.

Newton's Parakeet

Delve into the intriguing story of Newton's Parakeet and its connection to the famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton. Explore the factors that contributed to its extinction.


Uncover the remarkable traits of the flightless Kakapo parrot, including its nocturnal habits and unusual mating rituals. Learn about the conservation efforts aimed at saving this critically endangered species.

Mauritius Parrot"

Journey to the tropical island of Mauritius and discover the vibrant and elusive Mauritius Parrot. Explore the historical events that led to its extinction and the lessons learned for conservation.

Cuban Red Macaw

Learn about the striking Cuban Red Macaw and its tragic fate due to deforestation and the pet trade. Explore the ongoing conservation initiatives aimed at preserving its memory.

Saint Croix Macaw

Delve into the intriguing tale of the Saint Croix Macaw, once found in the lush forests of the Caribbean. Uncover the factors that contributed to its extinction and the efforts to protect its legacy.