Dolphin Pod Beached Themselves By A Marina

A viral video of a pod of dolphins thrashing around in shallow water and beaching themselves has been going around the internet and I have to admit, something does look fishy… (Sorry)

The incident took place in what appears to be the Maranhao region of Brazil, where people watched in a mixture of fascination and

horror as dozens of dolphins displayed some seriously weird behavior before crashing into the shoreline

Take a look for yourself, I’m no marine biologist, but that doesn’t appear to be normal.

Naturally, the internet is buzzing with people asking why this happened and floating all sorts of potential reasons why they acted this way.

So according to the always trusty world of Twitter, we’re looking at anything from sonar waves, to seismic guns, suicide fungus, wind turbines, a feeding technique, or looming lunar eclipse… In all, we have no freaking idea.

Being the professional non-expert that I am, I won’t take a stab at it, but I’m curious what you think.

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