Fans split on having LeBron James in a Dallas uniform

Content creators around the Dallas Mavericks were secretly thankful for Kyrie Irving's bomb on the Monday timeline, where he reportedly suggested LeBron James come to Dallas.

It was something other than speculation to talk about, since the Mavericks are inexcusably quiet about all things draft-related.

However, it led to different speculation, even if it is ridiculous. As a result, we asked our weekly fan poll:

Would you like to see LeBron James play with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving for the Dallas Mavericks?

It was only after we pieced together that this poll was likely put out by Kyrie Irving and his people that we at Mavs Moneyball chose to embrace the chaos.

A slim majority of our fanbase still doesn't care for James, which is a fair response.

Many fans said he was too old or would cost too much... the latter drove me insane, but that's another story.

Certainly not happening this year, but it's fun to imagine the offensive theatrics that could result from such a grouping.

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