Fastest Female Footballers

Shanice van de Sanden

Shanice van de Sanden, known for her blazing speed, is a Dutch forward who terrorizes defenses with her rapid runs down the wings.

Fran Kirby

Fran Kirby, an English forward, combines agility and speed, leaving defenders struggling to keep up with her swift movements.

Lynn Williams

Lynn Williams, an American striker, possesses lightning-fast pace and acceleration, making her a constant threat to opposing defenses.

Lisa-Marie Utland

Lisa-Marie Utland, a Norwegian forward, is known for her incredible speed and ability to outpace defenders with ease.


Debinha, a Brazilian attacking midfielder, showcases rapid speed and agility, making her a nightmare for defenders to handle.

Beth Mead

Beth Mead, an English forward, combines technical skill with blistering speed, creating havoc for opposing teams.

Kumi Yokoyama

Kumi Yokoyama, a Japanese forward, possesses exceptional speed and acceleration, leaving defenders struggling to catch up.

Khadija Shaw

Khadija Shaw, also known as Bunny, is a Jamaican striker with lightning-fast pace, capable of leaving defenders in her dust.

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