Top 10 Tallest Horses

Big Jake

Big Jake, a Belgian Draft horse, holds the record for the tallest horse in the world, standing at a towering height of 20.2 hands (82.75 inches)!


Remington, a Percheron horse, is another magnificent giant, reaching a height of 19.2 hands (78 inches). He captures attention with his impressive stature.


Radar, an American Belgian Draft horse, stands tall at 19.3 hands (79 inches). This gentle giant showcases the beauty and strength of his breed.


Sampson, a Shire horse, was an impressive giant, measuring 21.2 hands (86 inches) in height. He gained worldwide fame for his extraordinary size.


Goliath, a Percheron horse, lives up to his name, standing at an impressive 19.1 hands (77.5 inches) tall. He exemplifies the grandeur of his breed.


Tina, a Shire horse mare, is a gentle giantess, measuring 18.2 hands (74 inches) in height. Her majestic presence and size make her an awe-inspiring sight.

Brooklyn Supreme

Brooklyn Supreme, a Percheron horse, was a legendary giant, standing at 19.2 hands (78 inches) tall. He remains an iconic figure in the world of giant horses.

Radar's Reflection

Radar's Reflection, an American Belgian Draft horse, measures an impressive 18.3 hands (75 inches) tall. This remarkable horse represents the height and strength of his breed.

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