Top 8 Largest Lizards

Komodo Dragon (10 feet)

Discover the iconic Komodo Dragon, the largest lizard species, known for its massive size, powerful bite, and unique hunting abilities.

Asian Water Monitor (6.6-9.8 feet)

Learn about the Asian Water Monitor, a large lizard found in Southeast Asia. Discover its aquatic lifestyle and impressive swimming skills.

Crocodile Monitor (8-10 feet)

Explore the Crocodile Monitor, a remarkable lizard native to New Guinea. Discover its long tail, sharp teeth, and arboreal hunting techniques.

Perentie (6.6-8.2 feet)

Meet the Perentie, Australia's largest monitor lizard. Learn about its sandy coloration, powerful limbs, and adaptations to arid environments.

Argentine Black and White Tegu (3.3-4.9 feet)

Discover the Argentine Black and White Tegu, a large lizard known for its distinctive pattern and omnivorous diet. Find out about its behavior and habitat.

Gila Monster (10-14 inches)

Learn about the Gila Monster, a venomous lizard found in the southwestern United States and Mexico. Discover its colorful appearance and unique venom.

Green Iguana (4.9-6.6 feet)

Explore the Green Iguana, a popular lizard species with its vibrant green coloration and impressive size. Learn about its diet and tropical habitats.

Sailfin Lizard (2-3 feet)

Meet the Sailfin Lizard, known for its impressive dorsal fin and vibrant colors. Discover its aquatic adaptations and the habitats it inhabits.