Top 8 Largest Rats in the World

Gambian Pouched Rat

Meet the Gambian pouched rat, one of the largest rats in the world. Native to Africa, this remarkable rodent has impressive size and unique pouches.


The Nutria, also known as the coypu, is a large semiaquatic rodent that can reach significant sizes. Learn about its habitat, appearance, and interesting behaviors.

Bosavi Woolly Rat

Explore the mysterious Bosavi Woolly Rat, a giant rat discovered in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea. Discover its adaptations and role in the ecosystem.

Malabar Giant Squirrel

While not a rat, the Malabar Giant Squirrel deserves a mention for its impressive size and striking appearance. Marvel at its vibrant colors and extraordinary leaps.

African Giant Pouched Rat

Journey to Africa once again to learn about the African Giant Pouched Rat. Discover its exceptional sense of smell and its contribution to landmine detection.

Norway Rat

The Norway Rat, although not as large as some others on this list, is one of the most widespread and well-known rat species. Explore its characteristics and behavior.

African Giant Rat

Uncover the African Giant Rat, a species that combines impressive size with an intriguing social structure. Learn about its habitat and the challenges it faces.

Brown Rat

The Brown Rat, also known as the common rat, is a widespread and adaptable species found worldwide. Discover its intelligence and role as both pet and pest.

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