Top 8 World's Smallest Fishes

Paedocypris progenetica

Discover the Paedocypris progenetica, a minuscule fish species found in  Southeast Asia. Learn about its diminutive size and unique reproductive  strategy.

Pandaka pygmaea

Delve into the world of Pandaka pygmaea, a minute fish species endemic to the Philippines. Explore its natural habitat and behavioral traits. Slide 4:

Schindleria brevipinguis

Uncover the secrets of Schindleria brevipinguis, the pygmy goby, known for its extremely small size and transparent appearance.

Trimmatom nanus

Meet Trimmatom nanus, a dwarf goby with vibrant colors, and learn about its habitat preferences and intriguing behaviors.

Dermogenys pusillus

Dive into the world of Dermogenys pusillus, commonly known as the mosquito fish, and discover its adaptability and interesting reproductive habits.

Leptophilypnion fittkaui

Explore the unique characteristics of Leptophilypnion fittkaui, a tiny  fish species from Brazil. Learn about its fascinating biology and  natural history

Mistichthys luzonensis

Learn about Mistichthys luzonensis, the Luzon little fish, a diminutive species from the Philippines that inhabits freshwater environments.

Pandaka Dwarf pygmaea

Rediscover the enchanting Pandaka pygmaea and its captivating lifestyle in the crystal-clear waters of the Philippines.

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